Posted on 22-Jan-2020


We are proud to add channel manager powered by eZee in our RezEasy technology solutions.

As the facts stand, OTAs own 2/3rd of all online bookings. Having said that, you have to get listed on as many OTAs as you can to get maximum bookings.

Now, you may think it is quite challenging to maintain real-time inventory and rate distribution on many different platforms.

Well, not really!if you have use RezEasy’s the advanced channel manager add-on powered by eZee.

It updates the rates and inventories across all the platforms to which you are connected, in less than 7 seconds. (That makes it industry’s fastest channel manager)

Apart from this, it is loaded with dynamic features like:
• Stop sale at one click
• 130+ OTA connections
• Rate threshold
• Pay@hotel bookings
• Automatic CC verification
• Yield management
• OTA vouchers, messages, and promotions

The best part is its seamless integration with the RezEasy PMS ensuring two way communication between OTAs and RezEasy. Thus, you can manage your live inventory and rates across all platforms and recieve OTA reservations without any hassles.

Experience all of these features and many more, see
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