Posted on 25-May-2019


Hotel PMS in the Cloud

Cloud computing is not new, but it’s still relatively new in the hospitality industry. Many operators remain undecided about whether or not they should take the plunge, especially with the all-important property management system (PMS).

"Is it secure?"
Although many hoteliers fear a security risk with moving the PMS into the Cloud, security is actually improved. When data is in the Cloud, it no longer exists in the property, which means a huge decrease in risk for the hotel. Most of the security responsibility is shifted from the hotel to the vendor hosting the data, which can increase security. Hardware is located in secure data centres and backups are usually done automatically on a daily basis.

"Will performance be affected?"
Performance depends to a certain extent on Internet speed which, these days, can be very good. The PMS can be located on a high performance server and only requires an Internet connection and web browser to access. All the data processing is handled by the server which is usually optimised for this task.

"Benefits of the cloud"
The biggest benefits of a Cloud based PMS are lower cost of hardware and the ease of rolling out new software or upgrades.
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