Posted on 25-Mar-2019


Hotel Reservation Systems

Every year thousands of hotel owners and managers are looking for the right hotel management software for their business. Software Advice recently analyzed a random selection of hoteliers in order to uncover their most common reasons for purchasing. The key findings were:

* Fifty-four percent of buyers operate independent hotels, inns and resorts.
* Most buyers were looking to replace either an outdated system or manual methods of property management to improve efficiency.
* The majority of buyers were seeking reservation and online booking capabilities in their new software.
* Most Buyers are from small-to-medium sized hotels. Almost 57% have between 10 and 50 rooms, 15% 50 to 74 rooms, with the remainder having 75+ rooms.
* 99% of buyers were from independent hotels.
* The majority of buyers required both property management and online reservations. The latter requirement comes as no surprise since 65% of all reservations are now made online.

Market Trends

There are lots of new companies entering the hotel management software market, therefore, it is important to try demos of each system that is of interest. One issue with demos is that many software vendors require registration before you can try the demo. Once they have you 'hooked' you can expect email, phone calls and the usual hard sell.

Our approach is different, if you want to try our demo go to, no strings no hassle.
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